how long will it take?

Probably 45-60 minutes.

It took me (Rebecca speaking) about an hour, including writing out lengthy answers to almost all of the long text questions that applied to me. Of course, I was already familiar with the questions before I started.
But it depends.

But it depends.

There are 108 questions, 25 of which are optional. Some people will only want to do the multiple choice questions and nothing else, which is fine. They’ll be the first ones to finish. We provide many optional opportunities to explain experiences, though, and we think (and certainly hope) that some of you will be interested enough to want to answer all of those that apply to you, even though they’re optional.

You can save it and come back!

This survey asks many questions that we think no one has ever asked before, and presents a lot of information that many participants will never have heard of. You may see things that prompt conversations with your doctor, employer, or significant other. And you may find yourself wanting to share your story when you’re done, too. (We hope so - conversations and story-sharing are key parts of our vision for change!)

Bottom line, you may need time to digest without being hurried along. That’s fine. Just complete one section at a time, and save it and come back later for more!