Dry eye survey results > Introduction - a work in progress

Quick facts about the survey data

  • Launched July 1st

  • 104 questions organized as follows:

    • SECTION ONE: Personal dry eye profile (symptoms, quality of life, causes/clues)

    • SECTION TWO: Problem-solving history (treatments/strategies, experiences with doctors, and finances)

  • Live, ongoing survey hosted indefinitely

Available right now: Snapshots

  • Excerpts of raw data results from the first two sections, updated approximately weekly:

    • Symptoms

    • Quality of life

  • Participants’ comments from these sections

    • TIP: The comments are always the most fascinating parts!

Coming (July & August)

  • Blog with highlights of interesting findings - this may be simply answers to specific individual questions, or data analysis as we start to find correlations between questions

  • Excerpts of raw data results from the remaining four sections, updated approximately weekly:

    • Diagnoses/causes/clues/etc

    • Treatments/strategies

    • Experiences with eye doctors

    • Finances

Available in the next 60 days (we hope!)

Our dream-goal is constant LIVE windows into this data as it grows, with more and more participation from dry eye patients.

Our survey software provider is endeavoring to make it possible for us to place summary charts for every question on this website, so that all of the raw data charts you see will actually reflect all data received to date. We are extremely excited about what this will mean.