what’s the point?

a/k/a What makes this different from other dry eye surveys? Oh, just… everything. But if we have to reduce it to a very small nutshell:

  • Validation: Dry eye is an uphill battle. The very name of the condition, which sounds so terribly trivial, conspires against our issues being understood, recognized, appreciated and addressed. We believe the questions we are asking will help many people feel seen and understood.

  • Information, and inspiration: True Dry Eye Nerds will already know everything here (or pretty close) but most normal people will actually learn a lot. We think you will be inspired to have a lot of conversations as a result of information presented here. And we predict that no matter how nerdy you are, our perspectives will challenge you to view some aspects of your dry eye disease from a new angle.

  • Your personal dry eye profile! A large part of the survey is details of your symptoms, how they affect your quality of life, and what all your diagnoses and contributing factors and risk factors might be. This will be an excellent reference to take to any doctor appointment.

  • Problem-solving help: Many people with dry eye get to a very low place, and get overwhelmed. We want to help connect the dots, help you assert what you know to be true of your experience, and help you tap your inner troubleshooter so that you can find your way back to coping and forging towards new solutions.

  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH: In the dry eye research world, there is far more going on that most of us have any idea of. But… we believe that a lot of the effort and expenditure amounts to hacking through the wrong jungle. We need science, and discoveries are good, but we need science to be researching based on our needs and priorities. The ultimate purpose of this survey is to identify and prioritize the real needs of people suffering from dry eye disease. And you can be part of making this happen!

Almost ready to start, just one more page….