Going places

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Taking a walk

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Going to the gym

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Eating in a restaurant

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Things that are uncomfortable

  • I drive a lot for work and need to plan accordingly because of my visiom

  • Anything I used to do that involves air movement.

  • I have to keep my house dark much of the time so I can't enjoy sitting near a window.

  • I work only part- time.

Things I can’t do anymore

  • I cannot shop in big box stores or grocery stores. The lights bother me too much and I cannot see.

  • work, socialise, travel. And fatigue so easily as eyes make me feel so exhausted.

  • Drive a car or go anywhere in public without feeling self conscious.

  • Driving

  • be anywhere where there are deodorizers or sanitizers or around people with perfume

  • I have not dared attempt to bathe or swim in a pool or natural body of water for over 20 years out of concern for damage that would result to my tear film for a period of hours or days afterward if water made its way into my eyes.

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