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About the survey

Date launched: July 1, 2019

By: The Dry Eye Foundation

Number of questions: 104

Purpose: To document the experiences of people who are struggling with dry eye, so that we can understand our own experiences better and more effectively communicate them to the people and organizations that can help us meet our needs.

Data transparency

This survey is going to be ongoing for a long time! We want to have at least 3,000 participants.

However, we want to be able to share as much as possible about the results on an ongoing basis.

Our dream is to provide constant windows into the actual data as it grows . Our survey software provider is endeavoring to make it possible for us to place live, dynamic summary charts on this site, which will always show you the most current data. We are very excited about what this will mean - but are waiting on some software issues to be resolved. In the meantime, we’ll be manually posting highlights here from time to time.