what’s it about?

part one: personal dry eye inventory

  • Symptoms… how it all started, what all symptoms you have, which ones matter most, and when they happen.

  • Quality of life… all the different ways dry eye is affecting you in daily routines, at work and play, and in relationships and emotions.

  • Deep background… all the different factors that may have caused or contributed to my dry eye in any way.

part two: problem-solving history

  • Stuff You’ve Tried… from all the drops and gels and ointments to prescription stuff to in-office MGD procedures to environmental controls like humidifiers and moisture goggles to drinking more water to acupuncture to pain management. And how you approach trying stuff, and why.

  • Eye doctors… how do those appointments play out, what is achieved and what does it mean to you? are you stuck in the cycle?

  • Finances… what you’re spending on dry eye, and whether it’s yielding the fruit that it should. And, can you afford what you need?

part three: connecting the dots

By the time you’ve completed everything else, you’ve already connected lots of dots. In our final section, you share where you think you are on the journey, and we suggest some next steps for problem-solving or for helping others to problem-solve. (Stay tuned, as we plan to create some companion materials for future use after completing the survey.)