what’s it like

It’s pretty long.

Nevertheless, we feel confident that you will not get bored. Because it’s all about YOU and your experiences.

It’s pretty wordy.

We over-explain.

It’s nerdy, in a friendly kind of way.

  • If you are a dry eye babe-in-the-woods - like, all you know is “I have dry eye” and all you’ve tried is drops, plugs and Restasis, well, you might get overwhelmed in a few places, but don’t worry. We don’t think there will be any questions you can’t answer. We have lots of outs like “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” or “N/A”. And you can always save it and come back later.

  • If you are a normal dry eye patient, see above.

  • If you are an unusually savvy dry eye patient, you might just feel like a kid in a candy shop!

  • If you are a Certifiable Dry Eye Nerd, we can already see you smirking to yourself when you come across an omission or (gasp!) apparent error. Have fun! And let us know, too! But seriously, we think you will really, really enjoy and even be challenged by this survey’s primary focus, which is our experiences and what they mean, rather than technical stuff.