My diagnosis is "dry eye" (or "chronic dry eye", "dry eye syndrome", or "dry eye disease"). That's all.

The first doctor(s) I saw diagnosed "dry eye", but when I went to a specialist, they did more tests and gave me more details.

Starting with the very first appointment I had for dry eye, I was given a more details about the type of dry eye I have

None of these describe me

Aqueous deficient dry eye (ADDE)

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Evaporative dry eye (EDE)

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Did you know about corneal neuralgia before taking this survey?

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Have you ever suspected you might have corneal neuralgia?

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Have you ever been diagnosed with corneal neuralgia?

More about my diagnosis

  • Different ophthalmologists have diagnosed different problems and all seem to disagree with one another.

  • I have only been told my tears evaporate too fast and my meibomian glands do not produce enough oil. Had lipiflow treat for $1000.

  • 7My drs acknowledge the probability of this diagnoses. They are unable to give me details because they seem to know very little. They say there are some drs in the states that know more.

  • The past three years, I have been in an almost constant, vicious cycle with managing my eye co-morbidities. When one becomes aggravated, it becomes a domino effect. More than once, I have had a corneal ulcer, uveitis, and out of control eye pressures because of all the inflammation, all at the same time. Getting them all under control takes months, even up to a year. Of course, all the medications and treatments only add to the dry eyes. I try not to cry during these episodes but there have been many times I felt like I just can't do it any more. But then, I always do.

  • In the past, it wasn’t easy doing research before a procedure. There was no internet. Doctors always know what’s best for us. Each procedure was “a good thing.” Maybe even necessary. Now, I only trust my corneal transplant doctor. Now I do research to find out what I should NOT have done, or how best to adapt to my eyes as they are. I have been able to function the last 8 years because of The Dry Eye site info and products.

  • After reading about corneal neuralgia, I think I may have it

  • I have very few meibomian glands left that are working. I mean like one or two per lid. Most of them have atrophied.

  • I worried about the dry eye before. I know I have ADD. But, I don't know about the MGD component. I do get relief from doing some sort of warm compress in the morning, and do have some glands that get clogged periodically, but lipiview shows I have a good amount of glands. It also showed I rarely blink completely. I also have now been told I have mild CCH and am worried about that b/c the dr.s say they don't want to do anything to treat it as it is such a sensitive area. I'm hoping that by the time it becomes a real problem, they will have the surgeries worked out - but, it's just another thing to add to the list to worry about. Also, I think because I do so much reading and have a lot of knowledge about dry eye, my dr. doesn't always give me a lot of detail. I wish she would talk more about what she sees and her thoughts.

  • I have a diagnosis of corneal neuralgia and serum tears helped to heal my nerve damage. I have participated in several pain studies.

  • I had confocal microscopy a very long time ago before they even coined the term corneal neuralgia, and nerve irregularities were found (in my lasik flap interface if I remember right). I am usually just diagnosed with mild MGD and some dryness, and that really doesn't explain my symptom severity. I am virtually always above a 50 on OSDI.

Ocular history: Preserved eye drops

I use the following types of eye drops on a regular basis

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  • Before I knew better I was using preserved resetting drops.

  • Was using Systane blink products with preservatives until I visited your website

  • Often have to use preserved antibiotic and steroid eye drops. Will sometimes use compounded antibiotic drops but the cost can become extreme.

  • Could not find a night time preservative-free gel. No longer using, as I started autologous serum eye drops last week

  • Systane Ultra and the Refresh drops in a bottle; however with all this started and I found the DryEye Zone I ceased using any drops with a preservative and only use non-preservative single use vials