There is much amiss

in the world of what we call
dry eye disease.

Too many of us

are not getting
relief for pain
or accurate and meaningful diagnosis
or support and accommodations in the workplace
let alone effective treatments.

Too many of us

feel as though
no one
inside or outside the medical community
understands our plight
and can offer any solutions.

and we know

what is broken can be fixed

with willing hands and the right tools

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here at the dry eye foundation


that we, as a community, can join together
and together we can and we will turn this ship around.


in healthcare, in research, in industry

people who see what we see
people who know it’s broken
people who want change too
and who are willing to help.


and because we CARE

we will all learn to LEAD

the conversations in our community,
in medicine, in research, in the workplace,
in managed care, in insurance, in government
and everywhere else where conversations need to happen
in order to

change outcomes

and restore
quality of life

for people suffering from “dry eye disease”.

and the first step

is to let our words

and our numbers

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tell our story

and that’s why we need all of you, every one of you

to add your voice and to fill in the gaps in our collective story


because we all have

a puzzle to solve

that we call dry eye disease


so our survey

“dry eye disease and me”

is all about aggregating our stories into
data that speak to OUR realities
data that speak to OUR experiences
data that tell OUR stories

our data, told our way

will help us tell

the untold story of dry eye disease

to ophthalmology, and optometry, to clinicians and researchers,
to administrators and policymakers and funders

because solutions begin where the real story is told