Ability to leave home

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I am, or I have been in the past, housebound because of dry eye

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  • It’s very hard to drive because I don’t see well, and wearing RGP contacts makes me miserable. The glare on the road is now painful. So i make the decision to stay in.

  • I use a wheelchair because of another condition but it is the only way I can go out as I keep my eyes shut most of the time against light and wind. The drops I need affect my vision and I can't see traffic well enough to cross a road.

  • Don't feel up to going out if my eyes have flared up. Need to check if where I am going has air condtioning or if it is a windy/dry day outside.

  • I only go out to work two days a week and quickly run into the store and am just too embarassed by the way my eyes look especially since I no longer can wear makeup plus I am depressed because I loved riding my bicycle and traveling out of town but it scares me too much because of my eyes and wondering if I will get an infection, etc.

  • cant stay out lonh

  • I no longer drive a car, so I depend on others to get places. I do not like to be seen in public, so I limit my public appearances to medical or a trip to the grocery store when needed.