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I have avoided or postponed air travel because of how the cabin environment might affect my dry eyes

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I have avoided or postponed air travel because I don't feel I can adequately care for my eyes during the flight (e.g. doing warm compresses, removing/inserting scleral lenses, traveling with frozen serum tears)

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Other things

  • I have used a spray on my eyes rather than compresses. I keep my eyes closed much of the time.

  • I don't get to travel by air any more.

  • Not just the actual travel/journey part - also, can't stay in hotels because of their air conditioning.

  • Again, it means being in public and instilling eye drops all the time. My eyes tear and run down my cheeks. I've had people ask me why I am crying. I avoid being in public.

  • I wanted to note that many of the above answers are no because I know how to manage my eyes during travel...more drops, more viscous drops, keep my eyes closed, wear moisture chamber goggles, direct the air nozzle away from me, etc. It's not because my eyes are comfortable while flying:)