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My eyes look tired

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My eyes look bloodshot

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I have to to wear dry eye glasses/goggles

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Wearing eye makeup in general

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My self-confidence is affected by the appearance of my eyes

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  • My eyes are never comfortable and drops do not help !

  • I can't wear eye makeup to mask how awful they look.

  • screwed up and narrowed also have psoriasis round eyes from irritation from sleep gogggles

  • I wear masks and goggles every night

  • My eyes are gritty and itchy.

  • I have to spend money that is scarce on preservative free drops, goggles, eye shields for my twice a day compresses and my eyelids are RAW and at 61 years of age look way worse than that should if I had normal eye function.

  • i need dark glasses all the time

  • Because I had reconstructive surgery on my eyes, they look terrible compared to what they used to look like. I wear sunglasses whenever other people are around me.

  • I don't wear makeup anymore!!!! My eyes were much more fund and exciting with makeup:) I also think I have more wrinkles because of doing compress and massage than I would have had if I weren't tugging (touching, massaging, compressing, etc.) at such sensitive skin so often

  • The skin around my eyes has thinned due to compresses and I have broken capillaries on my eyelids due to expressions.

  • I am in a sales position and am concerned about my future

  • I wear sunglasses to hide how they look

  • When I had e-eye IPL treatment for blepharitis a few years ago, the "leading" optometrist didn't follow manufacturer instructions, and ended up causing severe apin to my eyelids and he lasered off almost all my eyelashes - which compounds already often unsightly eyes...the impact is both functional and aesthetic.

  • I am just too embarrassd to go anywhere or see anyone. It is all I can do to work part-time.

  • no eye make up sad

  • Again, I had full thickness skin grafts done on my lower eyelids and they don't match my face skin or color. I hide them behind sunglasses all of the time I am around

  • it depends on the day. I will sacrifice wearing moisture chamber glasses in new social settings or at work and feel I would be judged for wearing them in those settings, but I wear them when I am at the computer at work and have to explain to people why I am wearing them, which can be tiresome!

Survey Results > Quality of Life > Appearance