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Outdoor activities & sports

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  • I have to wear special glasses to play golf or pickleball and I can't play for very long.

  • I need to watch my outdoor activities because of my vision changes

  • High Impact cardio or movements where I am face down ie yoga or body weight exercises seem to make my eyes redder.

  • Many of the limitations is also due to my corneal disease and it is difficult to sort out which is due to dry eye and which is due to my other corneal disease. The two in combination have added to the complexity and challenges of managing my eye diseases.

  • Have been widowed for two decades. My eye conditions have taken away any confidence in thinking about re partnering.

  • eyes hurt cant go long without drops or wrapping eyes.

  • All activities are limited because of the frequency of instilling eye drops. Everything is interrupted and takes forever to accomplish.

  • I am now a recluse and rarely accept offers for social outings. I feel extremely self conscious of the way my eyes look and feel. My favorite niece will be getting married this month and I will not be able to attend.

  • Just wanted to note that some of these activities are better when I wear moisture goggles and I can do them longer then!