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I have struggled with anxiety because of dry eye

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I have struggled with depression because of dry eye

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I have experienced suicidal ideation because of dry eye

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  • I have panic attacks as bedtime approaches because of recurrent corneal erosions.

  • I worry about it getting worse as I get older, and if I end up in a nursing home, who would remember to out drops in my eyes??? I have death with a rare and deadly cancer three years ago, but blepharitis and lagophthalmos cause me far more distress and anxiety.

  • Depression and dread of what the future holds and how I will be able to cope with this on a fixed income. I also need hip surgery but am too afraid of staying in the hospital because of not being able to properly take care of my eyes....

  • i don't leave house much

  • I have become dependent on others and I feel I have no control over my life anymore because of DED.